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Akjang refers to verses or words of the songs in court music, and songs sung in Jongmyo Jeryeak are called Jongmyo Akjang. The contents are verses to praise the civil achievements and military exploits of the early-day founding kings.; Initially, they were made of poems with each stanza consisting of eight lines of four Chinese characters, which were typical of Goryeo-era poems.
The origin of the present-day Akjang is traced back to the 11 pieces of Botaepyeong and 15 pieces in Jeongdaeeop authored personally by King Sejong. The reason why these Akjang have transformed to the present rather informal Chinese-poem style is that the original Akjang were composed for parties in the court, and not for ancestral rituals.
Later in the era of King Sejo, as verses of Botapyeong and Jeondaeeop were considered too lengthy to chant at ancestral rites, they were abridged for shorter ones. In addition, Choi Hang newly wrote verses for Jinchan, Cheolbyeon¿© and Songsin to complete the present Jongmyo Akjang.
In 1464, the 10th year of King Sejo's reign, Jongmyo Akjang was officially adopted to include 11 pieces each for Botaepyeong and Jeongdaeeop. The verses are made of refined Chinese literature, from which we could feel the specific literal tastes of the Korean Chinese literature.

The Akjang of Botaepyeong comprises verses favorably accounting how the founding kings built a glorious country, and extolling the civil achievements of four previous kings prior to King Taejo (Mokjo, Ikjo, Dojo, and Hwanjo) and Kings Taejo and Taejong. These are played during Choheon-rye when the first cup of wine is offered to the spirits. There are 11 music pieces with 11 verses.

Jeongdaeeop Akjang starts with a verse "Heaven helped the founding kings in building the nation and achieving military exploits" and extolls how bravely the founding kings stood against alien forces to save the country and achieve exploits in majestic poetary words. They are sung during Aheon-rye and Jongheon-rye rites. They are of 11 pieces.